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This unique collection is a journey through one of the most exciting periods of science. Here is the history of paleontology, spanning from the discovery of the first dinosaur bone by Robert Plot (which he mistook for a bone from an extinct race of giant humans) to the discovery and classification of T. rex. What makes this collection truly unique is that translations of classic European papers have been included, some in English for the very first time. Each section of the book is accompanied by a commentary from the editors, putting all of the paper in context.

The artwork is outstanding, containing all the classic dinosaur sketches from the original papers.

“A milestone publication, 4.0 out of 5 stars!...These are papers of legend that you may have heard about in summaries of dinosaur history but never thought you'd ever see released to the general public…This is a no-brainer that everyone with more than a passing interest in dinosaurs should have in their library.”
—Kellyannl (Bronx, NY USA)

“I am an avocational fossil preparer. My real job is an Army Officer….I already have your amazing reference book. As an Army Officer I have been able to dig dino material, from Red China in 2000 to Quillian France in 2004 with Dr. Buffetaut…This book has truly been a joy for me to read. [I take your book on every dig.] Thank You so much!”
—John Carnell, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army

“I ordered 7 books and you let me know yesterday that they had been shipped. I would like to order maybe another dozen….—I want to make sure you’re not already sold out! I can put a check in the mail to you today….”
—Becky Greben, Western Interior Paleontological Society

“I would like to order 12 copies for our gift shop….Thanks.”
— Janelle Livingston, Dinosaur Resource Center Inc, Triebold Paleontology Inc